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[photos] More on the_child's horseback trip to the beach

As mentioned previously, on Saturday tillyjane took the_child for a horseback ride at Del Ray Beach State Park. I was the driver.

We started out early with a dawn-lit run over to tillyjane's house to pick her up. During a gas stop, we spotted a sweet mid-1960's Impala SS. (the_child is developing excellent taste in cars, btw.) The driver came out of the service station as I was taking a picture of his car. I told him how pretty we thought it was.

He said, "Aren't you a little young for this car?"

I asked, "What year is it?"

He said, "1964."

I answered, "Well, so am I."

That went over quite well.


We drove from tillyjane's house out to Seaside, OR, just north of the junction of US-26 and US-101. Small World Stables is there. We dropped in, the riders changed into their gear and settled up the day's bill, the horses were loaded, then we were off to Del Ray Beach.


At the parking lot there, final adjustments were made.


They then set off, while I put the top down and settled into the car and worked on writing related program activities. Guide (and stable owner) Bill Maxwell took my camera (the Canon SD550) and photographed the_child and tillyjane as they rode the beach for almost two hours.

IMG_1763.JPG IMG_1758.JPGIMG_1778.JPG
Beach photos by Bill Maxwell

I am reliably informed that they saw a seal.

Afterward we stopped at Camp 18 for lunch on the way home. It's a reasonable American restaurant serving country food (basically), surrounded by acres of antique logging equipment which is moldering away beneath a veneer of loving respect and the occasional explanatory sign.


That was Saturday's grand day out for the_child. She had a huge blast.

As usual, more at the Flickr set
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