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[travel] 0 for 3 on the logistics dance card tonight

Flights were good today. Arrived at Hartford in a timely manner. Unfortunately, not all of our luggage did. Time was lost dealing with same, and I am without many of my immediate necessities tonight.

Got to the rental car counter. Confusion about contract details. Finally get in the car and there's an idiot light on warning of low tire pressure. Idiot light won't go off. Visual inspection doesn't show any obviously low tires. No mechanics because it's after hours. I decline the car and secure a new one. Much time was lost and a good half dozen business travellers waiting in line for the sole clerk to resolve this merrily wished me a warm night in hell with their facial expressions and body language.

Got to the hotel. Didn't have the room we'd booked. Time was lost dealing with same. You know the drill.

The evening to that point was like being attacked by lemmings. Luckily, we had a very nice dinner with jtdiii, wherein lasirenadolce learned much about my high school years. This may have been a tactical error. the_child just called to say goodnight. It's been a good day, lemmings notwithstanding.

Tomorrow morning we have breakfast with matociquala, then down to Choate, then into the wilds of darkest Manhattan. Y'all play nice.
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