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[links] Link salad goes trick or treating

High Tech Noon — Filmmaking brilliance and a very funny reader comment on Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]

High performance biofuel diesels from a shade tree mechanic — (Thanks to biomekanic.)

Cockroaches Venture to the Final FrontierThey have a space program? (Thanks to sheelangig.)

WiFi T-shirt — :: wants :: (Thanks to AH.)

E-Paper Displays Video

Nearly 40 pct of global births are unregistered: WHO

10 reasons to hate cell phone carriers — Like we need more?

Another Republican closet case! — This one apparently with a room temperature IQ. According to the police report, in attempting to cover up the incident, the legislator said "he was just trying to put the cap back on the tube." So That's what the kids are calling it today. Mmm...family values. All I can say is thank God the liberals aren't in charge.
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