Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|travel] "Green Acres is the place for me"

Well, a brilliant day all in all.

kenscholes met us early for breakfast, then we trooped down to the chimeric Seward-Lincoln statue in Madison Square before filing in to the Flatiron Building for our security processing, then being whisked up to the 13th floor. We hung out with editorial and pr, met folks all across the operation, spent some quality time with Tom Doherty in his office thanks to pnh, saw claireeddy, 2muchexposition, bram452 and many other folks.

A very nice Indian lunch ensued, then we drove upstate to Saratoga Springs. I got to speak to the_child about her Halloween costume, which was fun. I'm sorry I'm missing her again this year.

We did a little dinner, a little scouting, and now it's Con time tomorrow.
Tags: personal, publishing, travel

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