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[conventions] World Fantasy Day 1

Somehow even though yesterday was about 1/2 a day worth of Con, it wore me out hard. We started out easy and slow, me and lasirenadolce and kenscholes looking for a decent cheese shop. (We found one.) We got to the Con well before it opened, deployed the boxes we'd schlepped for maryrobinette, and took a position in the lobby for many hours. Paths were crossed with many friends old and new, from davidlevine to klages. Oh, and there was some bar time. And I helped Garth Nix and Jonathan Strahan shop for the Aussie party.

kenscholes, lasirenadolce and I had dinner last night with arcaedia and mcurry, a/k/a our agent dinner. It was at a wine bar named The Wine Bar. We had a cheese sampler of eight different Vermont cheeses, two sheep, two goat and four cow cheese. One blue among them, and otherwise mostly semisoft yellows. All very nice and mostly mellow, though the rosemary infusion in one of them surprised me. Very smooth chevres, too. Lots of wine was drunk, and business both personal and professional discussed.

We got back to the convention at the tail end of the ice cream social. lasirenadolce headed back to our hotel rather than brave the Aussie party. I made that scene and the Zombie party, then my head started feeling like a bell clapper. lasirenadolce came back and picked up me and davidlevine for an early retirement from the field — his room is just down the hall from ours, as it turns out.

Reading today, guerilla cheese party today, mass autographing tonight. I say both tally and ho!
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