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Jay Lake

[conventions] World Fantasy Day 2

Well, that was a whirl. We started out with a quickie breakfast and supply run, then hit the Con for a slambang day of Con-worthy fun.

I had a very productive meeting with casacorona, along with a number of useful (from a business perspective) hallway chats, klingonguy gave me partial direction on "America, Such as She Is", Bruce Taylor gave me a copy of his book to which I had written the introduction, hung out at the Wheatland Press table, laid on an impromptu cheese party for Margo Lanagan with only four changes of venue in 24 hours before it actually went off last night (cheryl_morgan had the right of it), saw more LJ'ers than I can shake two sticks at, including (once again) the lovely and talented saycestsay (whom I neglected to mention previously), did a reading of "The Man With One Bright Eye" and "Hard Times in the State of Nature", gave away some books, made a light dinner with blakehutchins and various others, hit the mass autographing where I hung out with gary_wassner (a WFC tradition for he and I), hit BarCon, then hit the parties, then went home and collapsed.


Inconceivable as it may seem, Chris Roberson, halduncan and jetse were all in the bar at the same time.

Off to a breakfast meeting. More photos later, plus special bonus cheese blog update.
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