Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] World Fantasy Day 3

Another slam bang day. No programming today, but lots of meetings and hangings out and Bar Con, with a very nice dinner courtesy of casacorona, shared with matociquala, truepenny, sosostris and Tim and Serena Powers. Tor party and more Bar Con after, with LJers too numerous to list here.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to record a podcast with halduncan and jetse. They'll be giving me swearing lessons. I hope it comes off, because it will be stupid-funny if we can manage to do it. Not even remotely a family-friendly or work-safe podcast if it does happen.

At BarCon, we had several serenades, including me leading the entire bar in a rousing "Happy Birthday" for arcaedia, as well as kenscholes and I doing a duet of "Sometimes When We Touch" for each other.

Tags: conventions, funny, new york, personal

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