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Jay Lake

[conventions] World Fantasy Day 4

Wow. It's over. My head seems to be still attached. Had breakfast this morning with Mark Ferrari and a cast of several (this weekend he called klages "the female Jay Lake", to the consternation of all concerned). We then hit the Con. Mostly hung around and chatted people up until the WFA banquet, which was nicer than the usual run of such things. lasirenadolce and I shared a table with casacorona, bram452, Nancy Kress, Jim Frenkel, J.V. Jones and a friend of hers. The awards ceremony was lovely. Afterwards there was a great deal more visiting and partying, a late dinner, and a wind-up with BarCon. A friend of Deanna Hoak's told me that my writing was "like silk" and a great comfort to him on sleepless nights. This is one of the best compliments I've ever received.

kenscholes was the rock star of the weekend, and then some. Go check out his blog to see his perspective, but suffice to say he played the social and business end of this game about as well as he plays the literary end of it. I am in awe.

lasirenadolce, kenscholes and I are out of here for Hartford around 9 am. Flying home on a later flight. See you all on the other side...
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