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Jay Lake

[photos] 1967 Volvo 122E

Per the earlier discussion, I went to visit the car today. It's a 1967, not a 1965 as previously reported. Just to be rationally driveable, the car needs new bushings, a rear brake rebuild, new seat belts and the timing adjusted. A bunch of things are hokey — not all of the door hardware works as expected, speedo is out, etc. Body is fairly clean and fairly straight, with all glass and trim, some floor pan rust. It also has electronic overdrive, and has been converted from generator to alternator. Custom cam and valve covers, along with the trick carbs. I didn't try the "fast as stink" mode due to the brake issues.

Photos of the car in question.


I'm interested, but now we're talking the nuts-and-bolts dollars.

The Flickr set
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