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[photos] "I said oh no, William and Mary won't do"

On the first stage of our whirlwind tour of the Northeast, lasirenadolce and I went by Choate, the high school I graduated from in 1982. (Along with jtdiii.) We toured the campus, dropped by my dorms, then went into the library to donate some of my books to the Alumni Collection, as previously described.

Here's a few photos she took, for those of you who might care the visualize the prep school experience and the place where I spent some of my most formative years.

Hill House, my fourth form dorm and also home to a number of administrative functions, such as some of the deans' offices. My room was on the back, at the level of the decorate ledge (3rd floor), just to the left of the tree visible in the photo on the right above.

Logan Munroe, my fifth and sixth form dorm. I lived on the second floor at the right end, sort of behind that tree. Also, the view from the front of the dorm toward Memorial House.

Other Choate buildings, including the Winter Ex (gym), the Arts Center, a typical faculty residence, the dining hall being set for lunch, and the chapel. This campus has dozens and dozens of class buildings, dorms and other structures spread over about a mile square.

The Mellon Library, attached to Hill House by a breezeway.

Me and Mr. Warren, and part of the Alumni Collection.

As usual, more at the Flickr set.
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