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[links] Link salad, full meal deal

Cow plunges off cliff onto moving minivan

Abstinence-only programs — they still don’t work — Once again the facts are biased against conservatives. Gosh, who could possibly have imagined that teenagers like sex?

A reader really doesn't like Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]

stillsostrange does like Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ]

Robertson endorses Giuliani; Brownback backs McCain — Guiliani? His screwing around makes Bill Clinton's look like a church picnic. Remember the good old days when character counted for something among conservatives?

Today's APOD is very striking

Random Access Warehouses — I worked as a business consultant for a while, and the proess geek in me finds this article extremely cool. Assuming you find supply chain logistics interesting, that is. Still, check it out.

Finding antimatter within the solar system — There's about forty-eleven story ideas embedded in this article.

Computer geek or serial killer? — A funny, morbid quiz. I scored 6/10.

Tintype Cowboy — Another striking photo from Shorpy.

The perils of mixing romance and language learning

tdj is funny about head fungus

lasirenadolce with a cogent trip report from the WFC trip

Some good comments on my writing age post
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