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[poll] License plate bingo

dinogrl has suggested an open contest to name the vanity plate for the 1967 Volvo. I had thought SMFH, for "Swedish Meatball From Hell." I'd also been toying with finding a period license plate, which the Oregon DMV will allow. (They treat it as a vanity plate, basically.) In the mid-1960s, Oregon plates said "Pacific Wonderland."

In my continuing tradition of living way too much of my life in public, I shall throw the question open to the readership of this blog. Here's a poll about that burning issue so characteristic of our times. If I get some good suggestions, I'll run a voting poll sometime next week, with prizes.

Poll #1085635 New license plate for the Volvo

What should the Volvo's new plates be?

The normal, current Douglas Fir plates (trying to blend in)
Period license plates to match the car (pretending to blend in but secretly hoping to be noticed)
SMFH (meaningless to everyone but me, which will enhance my mysterious charisma)
CLOWNS (a desperate cry for help)
CRIT ME (reeks of writer)
Something else I'll suggest in comments

ETA: Oregon only permits six alphanumerics on a vanity plate, btw, so do please let that influence your suggestions.
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