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[travel] Where's Jay, for those following along at home

11/11Cold War missile silo hunting in central Washington State with the_child and tillyjane
11/12 - 11/16Omaha, NE, with a special momo edition of the Omaha Beach Party Thursday for garyomaha, elusivem, matthewsrotundo, threeoutside and some other very fine folks sans LJ handles
11/16 - 11/17Orycon, Portland, OR, with lasirenadolce and (some of the time) the_child, including being the auctioneer at the Petry Auction
11/18 - 11/19Dallas, TX, with lasirenadolce and the_child, visiting family
11/20 - 11/23Galveston, TX, with lasirenadolce, the_child, lillypond and the Niece, visiting even more family at the beach
11/24Dallas, TX, with lasirenadolce and the_child, visiting family

After that I'm supposed to be home for a while, but there's an Atlanta trip rumbling up right after I get back, and possible one or two more Omaha trips in December.
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