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[links] Tuesday link salad

The gaming-and-writing post has an interesting comment thread — I have more to say about this later, as well.

Scalzi on the Creation Science Museum — He is much kinder than I. I find Creationism fatuous and intellectually offensive. Of course, I also find disco fatuous and intellectually offensive.

A Spy’s Path: Iowa to A-Bomb to Kremlin Honor — Apparently I am all about the Cold War lately. (Thanks to my dad for the link.)

Three Panel Soul is killer funny — Who knew renewable energy could be such a riot? (Not utterly work safe.)

What the f***? — Swearing, culture and you. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

The World's Smallest Radio — "A tiny radio made out of a single nanotube could find use in biological and environmental sensors." Um, wow.

Giraffe vs plane

I've been Boing Boinged — Look carefully at the URL, btw.

The effects of your initials on life performace — I'm not sure this is statistically significant, but it sure is weird. Like nominative determinism, but making far less sense.

Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the Exploding Whale Incident — A little piece of Oregon history many would prefer to forget.

Lighter than air goodness, courtesy of Shorpy
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