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[links] Link salad, here linkie linkie linkie

Clive Thompson on Why Science Will Triumph Only When Theory Becomes Law — A topic covered by me here and elsewhere.

Boys and Girls, Can You Say Anthrax? — Emergency preparedness in schools. Dig the FEMA rap on the fourth page of the article. (Thanks to martang.)

Recension — My new word for the day.

Get Fuzzy hits the "weird" button again today

A gem of a toilet rules sign from Engrish.com

Protesters demand death penalty for ‘Qur’an abuse’ — And people wonder why I find the religious mindset difficult.

Shorpy has some very, erm, boy pictures featured right now — Work safe, but if (one of) your gender(s)-of-interest includes Y chromosomes, the current WWII series worth a look-see. (Says the guy with a Kinsey rating of 0.)

Performance pay and the ongoing financial meltdown — "So if a billion-dollar hedge fund rises twenty per cent in its first year and falls twenty per cent in its second, its investors will have lost money, while the fund’s manager might earn forty million dollars in performance fees." Free market capitalism at its best. How's your paystub looking? How's your mortgage payment looking?
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