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[personal] The day that was

Wow. Long day at the office. Hours of client meetings. Discovered my job is about to change quite a bit (for the good). Unusual rumblings in the publishing end of life, possibly to the good and in no wise to the bad. I have to do a bunch of writing work real quick, but when is that ever not the case?

After all of that, I hied off to the palatial estates of garyomaha and elusivem to cook momos and ginger chocolate chip cookies for the Omaha Beach Party. That took a long time, slightly burned two fingertips (not so good for the typing) and was fun and delicious.

Back at the hotel, with wakeup for, erm, 5 and half hours from now. I'll fly to Portland, be home for about two or three hours (with an assist from lasirenadolce) before toddling off to Orycon. We go straight from there to Texas Sunday. I won't sleep in my own bed til a week from Saturday when I get back from the Lone Star State.

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