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[links] Link salad, airplane edition

xkcd features Cory Doctorow, superhero

I have some issues with this — Caught a current story on this lawsuit on an airport tv this morning. I'm a raging secularist, and an atheist besides, but I find lawsuits like this more than a bit silly. I will note that CNN Headline News filmed the 12-foot crosses so that they looked like the usual small roadside cross, I assume to make the American Atheist spokeswoman seem a bit silly.

British Airways runs "ghost flights"

Single parent genes

Are we getting closer to human cloning?

Saudi rape victim sentences to 200 lashes — This sentence was for being in an automobile with unrelated males.

How about this: Under Shariate law, a woman who simply reports a rape is considered to have admitted her guilt as an adultress, and is subject to penalties up to execution. If this horrifies you, consider the secular viewpoint on this. There is no difference between that sort of religious insanity and moves to teach Intelligent Design in school, except in the matter of degree. In both cases, people of faith are deliberately discarding rationalism in the name of their religious principles.

I think one reason the Right likes to characterize liberal-progressives as being sympathetic to Islamic terrorism is their own unspoken discomfort with how closely allied their fears and goals are to aggressive, conservative Islam. Liberal Western secularism is the enemy to both Evangelical Christians and Wahabbist Muslims. That realization is pretty much impossible to handle within the worldview of the lapel pin patriots on the right, so they behave much as closeted, self-loathing gays who displace with loudly public homophobia. (Who, oddly enough, are also found in numbers on the right.)
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