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[writing|personal] Progriss report

It's been a heck of a week. We started out with lasirenadolce being quite ill on the flight down. I quickly followed her into the thickets of snot-headedness.

Still and all, I've cleaned up some preproposals, nailed down the full proposal and sample chapter for Green and concluded the copy edit for Escapement. I'm waiting on a last couple of bits of feedback, then it's off back to Tor.

All that and beach time, family time, and a lovely midday turkey dinner at the Hotel Galvez.

Tomorrow we're on the road back toward Dallas, with a loop through Gainesville, TX to visit the home of my Lake grandparents, as well as their graves. Tomorrow night at Baja Rancho Lake in Big D, then home crack of doom on Saturday.

Also, said by the_child in the car today:

"Cita gave me something hard to say: Rubber baby bumpy buggers."

I nearly ran the car off the road laughing.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Even those of you non-USAnians who don't leave burnt pumpkins out for the Turkey Fairy.
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