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[photos] In the house of my memories

Friday, lasirenadolce, the_child and I drove to Gainesville, TX on our way back from Galveston. That is where my Lake grandparents lived off and on after about 1960.

I lived there briefly as a very small child on a couple of occasions. Some of my earliest memories are of being in my grandparents' house. I recall the wasp-blue paint of the porch roof, the jungle of the back yard. I remember watching the moon landing in 1969 with my Granddaddy Lake. I remember Grandmother making me buttered toast that would cause a cardiologist to shriek. I remember being afraid of the roof in my room, and how cold the bathtub was, and the way my Grandmother had had the windows boxed in for her Meissen china, and the baronial dining room furniture which had come out of a castle in Germany, and looked the part. I remember the nearly 200 year old grandfather clock which my parents are now giving me, to join my ancestral piano here at Nuevo Rancho Lake.

Later in life, this is the house where the rain of teeth happened. That event in turn inspired my story "A Conspiracy of Dentists", which I believe I shall post here later. I have posted here for your enjoyment.

For now, this is the house of my memories.

The Lakes' house

The bathroom where the rain of teeth happened

As usual, more at the Flickr set.
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