Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Crud TMI

Well, I've played host to the crud for about eight or nine days now. I've been mostly ok for the last six, with lingering congestion in my upper respiratory. Today I had my teeth cleaned (old school, with the picks, none of that sonic scaler crap), around 2 pm. Around 6 pm I began having alternating mild fever and chills, my joints began to ache (especially my elbows) and my gums hurt like hell.

WTF? Theories:

  1. I have suddenly acquired the flu on top of my cold bug — something like this actually happened to me a while back when I managed a rhinovirus coinfected with bacterial sinusitis in my adenoidal sinuses (the ones that don't drain)

  2. I am in the beginning stages of a gum infection or coinfection, except it seems awfully quick for that

  3. This crud is the Bug from Hell

Whatever the case, I am so done with being sick.
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