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[links] Link salad, out sick with the crud edition


Virginia GOP to demand loyalty oath of primary voters — My, how, erm, un-American of them. I especially like the comment in the story regarding the party's worries about crossover voting. That was a favorite tactic of the Texas GOP for years, to vote in large numbers in the Democratic primaries for whoever they saw as the weakest candidate.

More on Dan Rather's suit against CBS — Including some fascinating comments about settlements in related suits. (Thanks to chriswjohnson for the link.)

One of You Will Betray Conservatism — Thrice before the cock crows, methinks. (Thanks to AH.)

Oregon Republican Party Platform — For at least a year, the Oregon Republican Party platform explicitly ranked the Democratic party with drug cartels and terrorism. Money shot:
7.5 Inter-jurisdictional agency cooperation shall be improved for more effective joint action against organized crime, drug cartels, terrorist networks and the Oregon Democratic Party.
And people wonder why I think the way I do about conservatives?

Science and Technology

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything — Um, ok. (Thanks to brendan_boerner.)

Jim Henson's "Time Piece" — (Thanks to chriswjohnson for the link.)

Interactive map of Antarctica

Kindle reviews — I find myself unusually disinterested in this phenomenon.

Internet Could Max Out in 2 Years, Study Says — Oh noes! We're running out of trucks and tubes!

World of Robots — A news filler from 1929. "Skill will have vanished from industry then, it was predicted, and men will be slaves of machines, working ceaselessly in the cause of mass production."

Keep your shoes on: T-rays can see right through — An article about security scanning with teraherz radiation. (Really?) Money shot:
Using T-rays, it would be possible to examine travelers' shoes without the need to disrobe, he said.

MIT invents Bar of Soap — This is a lot cooler than you might think. For one, I now am aware of the concept of "grasp classification." See also here for detail.

Cloning champion mules — Well, it's not like you can breed them! Oh...am I the only one who finds this funny?

Writing and Other Stuff

Spaceship Handbook — Mmm... :: wants ::

The Wage Effect of Fat — I'm pretty sure this effect falls off rapidly for older males.

Agent Manners on the query letter

The thermal properties of poop — From the department of things you didn't know you didn't know. (See the comment thread, specifically.)
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