Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link salad, still out sick with the crud edition

The Roundbottom Interviewktempest interviews the_flea_king's alter ego.

Orrery Maker — For all your clockpunky goodness. :: wants ::

Venus May Be Earth's Hellish Twin

Why science can't save the GOP

On planets in the galactic bulge

The longevity pill? — Resveratrol? Who the heck named that compound?

Class conflict on airplanes — This should surprise no one, and is a logical extension of American socioeconomics.

Magic Highway U.S.A. — Some beautiful ca. 1958 images of the future that never was. Sort of Roadrunner meets Heinlein.

Cartoon pr0n — Hilarious, and not work-safe or child-safe. (Snurched from dinogrl.)
Tags: art, clockpunk, funny, links, science, tech, travel
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