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[links] Link salad, every other day of the week is fine

Science and Medicine

Scientists Get Rare Look at Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Out among the dark stars — "...dark matter would have affected the temperature and density of the gases that formed the first stars."

Graveyard shift work linked to cancer

Cancer-resistant mouse discovered — (Snurched from tdj.)

More on recent stem cell advances, from the scientists involved — Huh. The conservative position is wrong on the facts. Imagine that. Hey look over there! Liberal bias!


kproche has a brain the size of a planet — "Spintronics, also known as magnetoelectronics, is a technology that harnesses the spin of particles, a property ignored by conventional electronics."

Location-based services using cellular triangulation from Google

Cloud computing from Google

Religion, Politics and Culture

A bit more on Creationism — From a very creative thinker... (Link goes to a comment on the recently-cited American-Statesman editorial.)

A translation spat over the Gospel of Judas — Fascinating stuff on several levels.


Flash Fiction Online — A new market for reading (and presumably selling) flash fiction. Check it out.

In which I am found in good companyExtraordinary Engines.

Cool and Weird

Wee little zeppelins! — (Thanks to sheelangig.)

Nine Inch Noëls — (Thanks to willyumtx, for some tiny value of the word "thanks".)

Here's the extratropical hurricane I missed by heading off to Omaha

Bloggy Goodness

The open version of the healthcare discussion — Lots going on in comments.

The comment-screened version of the same discussion — For those wishing to say something quietly.

The last throes of the most recent caption contest
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