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[links] Link salad, from the country of the corn

Language Loss — An interesting and moving article about language extension. (Thanks to lordofallfools.)

Extra-marital toes and free range mayonnaise — A discussion of hypallage, for you language geeks.

Paleofuture with a 1960 feature on Universal Language Boxes — The illustration alone is worth a click through. But why would an article written in 1960 mention an Ottoman Turk?

Mystery over return of 'dead' man grows — Soap opera plots come to life!

frankwu pimps holiday giving, beautifully — The special edition of Greetings From Lake Wu.

An analysis of the Yankees' deal for Rodriguez — My normal interest in sports is on a par with my normal interest in lutefisk, but this is interesting economics.

Make a remote controlled camera from a cellphone! — High tech aspiring to be low tech.

Knot formation in cabling — One of life's sweet mysteries is addressed. Next up: the secret solo sock trap built into American dryers.

Stonehenge by hand... — A cool video of one man's attempt to recreate Neolithic construction techniques. Snurched from my f-list.

Juan Cole on the new Iran NIE — You knew I couldn't pass on some reference to this.

Huckabee on the Iran NIE — I don't find this alarming or anything, though it does seem a bit odd. The first comment is priceless.
We need a consistent conservative like this as president! Intelligence reports are jsut a product of the liberal media anyway. Huck is the one principled candidate who believes what he believes, regardless of what the liberals skew the facts to say!
Darn those skewed facts. It's not like they reflect reality or anything. Oh look, liberal bias!
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