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[links] Link salad, Thursday edition

Moving, Seeing, Training — A fascinating post on the difference between martial arts and violence. Highly recommended reading for anyone who writes fight scenes. (Via snippy.)

Mike Huckabee's Willie Horton — Clinton hating continues to have repercussions. (And yes, I am aware that Dukakis didn't know anything about Willie Horton — he was paroled under a policy initiative — while Huckabee took a direct personal interest in Wayne Drummond due to the Bill Clinton connection to one of Drummond's victims.)

Dan Bartlett on the White House and right wing blogs

Media Matters on the right wing blogosphere on the recent Republican debates

This is not Romney's Kennedy moment — Interesting piece in Salon about Romney, Mormonism and his campaign's courting of Evangelical Christians.

Failed Inventions Quiz — I got 7/10.

Sci-Fi Baby Names — Um...

Do children acquire racism from their mothers?
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