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[links] Link salad, sleep deprivation edition

Why don't we love science fiction? — The Sunday Times on the parlous state of SF. (Thanks to AH.)

The gear clock — :: mmm :: wants ::

Indian Thriller — This video still makes my brain hurt.

Chiranjeevi tractor fight — Another brain-buster.

garyomaha points to this rather detailed critique of the way the Omaha World Herald's online presence responded to the recent shootings

Moonbeams, nothing but moonbeams

Probing Exoplanet Atmospheres in Texas — She blinded me with science.

Flying frogs, goliath frogs, and the one who can eat 16-and-a-half baby cobras — From the wonderful Tetrapod Zoology blog that the_flea_king turned me on to quite some time ago.

Juan Cole on Romney and religion in public life — He nails my viewpoint almost exactly, much more elegantly than I manage to do. Money shot:
So Romney's so-called plea for tolerance is actually a plea for the privileging of religion in American public life. He just wants his religion to share in that privilege that he wants to install.

Stir-fried wikipedia — I swear, the next major religion will arise from the revelations found in Chinese restaurant menus.

lowercase L — A language blog devoted to sightings of incorrectly capitalized occurences of the letter "L".

chriswjohnson photographs autumn, and enters a bat cave — Money shot:
The consensus was that I could enter without disturbing the myotis, provided that I wasn't disturbed by the flesh-eating beetles.
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