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[writing] Trusting the process

I'm 5,700 words into Green now. (That's another 500 words after my post last night.) I'm on daily writing until the book is done, though I'll allow myself one day off a week if I need it. Holidays and all, plus some continuing short story commitments for both new work and revisions due.

It felt very good last night to be stretching into the long, steady pace that I take when working on a novel. And realized something as I typed: I will make it to the other end, and I will write a good story. How good remains to be seen, of course, but that's why we have rewrites.

This is the first novel under the New Model Process. It's long way to Tipperary, at least from the current page count. I can think of a million things that will go wrong. But they won't. Even if some of them do, I'll recover. I trust the process. I have faith in my ability to give good book.

That feeling might be the greatest reward of my career to date.
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