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[publishing] Question for the hivemind

I've been thinking about automotive design, and publishing. Look at the ascendance of explicitly retroactive design — the New Beetle, the Mustang, the upcoming Charger refresh and new Camaro. How does publishing stack up? Here's what I'm wondering, but too cramped for time to do my own research right now:

  • What percentage of trade titles are new fiction, vs. "evergreen" such as Dune or Lord of the Rings, vs. classic revivals.

  • What percentage of trade sales fall into these categories?

  • What percentage of independent press titles and sales fall into these categories?

ie:, I'd like to fill in this grid with percentages.

New FictionEvergreen titlesClassic Revivals
Trade titles
Trade sales
Independent titles
Independent sales

I have no intuition about the answers here, but I'm curious what portion of the reading in our field is looking backwards rather than forward? I suspect there's some very interesting deep cultural analysis in these sorts of trends. I may take a crack at it sometime when I'm not busily drafting a novel.

Thoughts? Facts? Slings and arrows?
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