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[writing|process] More progress on Green

The day went a bit funny. Mother of the Child called right after my workday ended to tell me that she and the_child were going to do holiday stuff with friends.

Bonus writing time!

I cranked out 3,300 words on Green, then took a nap, then danjite and khaybee showed up for their visit. We went sausage shopping, had a nice dinner at Stanford's, then went to buy cream of tartar so I can try a different biscuit recipe tomorrow morning. It has been a productive afternoon/evening, and I'm quite happy, but somehow it didn't map much to my original expectations.

So my bonus writing time became my real writing time, but I still finished the day 800 words ahead of baseline.

If you're curious, I'm at 21,500 of a nominal 140,000. I actually think it's going to hit closer to 165,000 in first draft, but I could be way wrong. I don't have the shape of the other end of the story yet, though I'm really digging on this end. The New Model Process has me a lot more in touch with the line level prose as I go, and I'm a lot more on top of the character issues than I have been historically, but it's also messing with my sense of sizing.

I'm fussing a little bit with myself about some POV and structural choices I've made, but kenscholes and I had lunch yesterday and talked through some options. I have a solution I think will work, but we'll see. I'll 'splain all this later, succeed or fail, but not until I've framed it properly and made the effort. Look for a report sometime in January, methinks.

Talking about goals in the car tonight with danjite and khaybee, I came to some interesting realizations about myself. One was that this writing gig is the first thing I've done my life since I finished college that has required high level, long term goals. (Well, the second if you count the_child, but the first in terms of professional or work type activity.) Another was that while I use intermediate measurements as a project management tool to make sure I'm on schedule — ie, daily word counts and baselines — at the same time I'm very allergic to a constant calibration of process.

I'll try to talk about this more in the next day or two. It might be interesting to some of you, and will definitely be interesting to me.
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