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[writing|personal] Saturday has been productive already

I made biscuits today, using a different recipe. I accidentally doubled the butter, so they came out a bit strange, but tasted good. khaybee made sausage gravy and we ate well.

Just now made 4,000 words on Green this morning, to 25,500. danjite coached the_child on her cello and khaybee built a lamp for me at the same time.

Tonight I'm going to the INK meeting, courtesy of an invitation from cscole. Tomorrow my parents hit town, and we'll have a wee celebration.

Meanwhile, here's a bit more WIP from Green.

"What if it is eaten raw, or poorly cooked?"

She gave me a long look. "A person could become quite ill, or even perish."

It had never occurred to me that food could be a weapon. "So it is harmful?"

Mistress Tirelle put down her earth pear and dried her hands. "Girl, your question runs ahead of your learning, but I will answer it nonetheless. Everything can do harm. The oils we use for frying would ruin your digestion. If I made you eat salt until you gorged, you would die of thirst soon after. Some herbs, or things that resemble herbs, can kill as a small pinch of powder."

"Then this art is like all the others I study." I waved the earth pear in my hand to point around the great kitchen. "It is not that I should cook. It is that I should know cooking so well that I can see when someone is trying to poison me with salt or bad oils or the powder of killing herbs."

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