Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] Progriss riport

3,100 words on Green today. Some were very early this morning, some were under the hair dryer at the salon, and some were time taken as soon as I got home.

I did not become reckless, but I became bolder. I was quicker to ask permission to speak. My questions were pointed, challenged more. I tried to think steps beyond what was being shown. Food was for eating, but it was also a weapon, a display, a competition, a threat and a challenge. Dogs were servants and also in their strange way masters -- their narrow, sharp edged minds saw the world through the brittle lens of scent and pack loyalty and brought news of old happenings to the ears of their handlers. The language of cloth and fold and pattern was focused tight as any logical discourse of Mennoes the Great or the Saffron Masters.
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