Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Fluorescent pirate golf

Last night after I'd cranked out my wordage and the_child had gone home, khaybee, danjite, lasirenadolce and I went to play putt putt golf at Glowing Greens. davidlevine had tipped us off to it a few days back. It's a black light miniature golf course in the basement of a downtown office building, decorated with a fluorescent pirate theme. I doubt I need to say more than that, but the evening also featured a Pinto hearse (photos later) and a discussion of whether there could be such thing as a zombie skeleton.

Afterwards we drove to Peacock Lane to look at the Christmas lights, which was especially strange with the 3-D glasses we'd picked up while playing fluorescent pirate golf.
Tags: funny, northwest, personal, portland

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