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[links] Link salad on the day of rest

Surrealist fantasy from Russian artist Jacek Yerka — Note automotive themed images here and here. goulo, who tipped me to this artist, also really liked this one.

Cat alarm clock — A video which will be familiar to cat owners. (Thanks to FB.)

There Are More Giraffe Species Than You Think — Cool biology neepery. Weirdly, I can actually follow the gist of this article, along with most of the details. I should send this woman a copy of Trial of Flowers Powell's | Amazon ].

A reader offers a thoughtful review of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ]

Get Fuzzy ding dongs the Bard of Avon

Myth is truth — An interesting piece about "just because you believe it doesn't mean its true" as applied to science journalism.

The British War on Christmas — "More Christians have been martyred for their faith in the last century than in any other period of church history." Really? There was a Christian holocaust? What is it about so many religious and political conservatives that seems to require a sense of persecution for them to be validated?
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