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Jay Lake

[writing] In which I am a Tool of Satan

One of the problems of having a dualistic worldview is that you are forced to see the world in terms of dualities. Through my routine ego surfing, I found this interesting blog post by a Christian fantasy author, commenting on a review of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ], and my response to that review.

The post is really quite thoughtful, and logical within the terms of her faith and worldview. (Hat tip to lordofallfools for reminding me of the difference between internal logic and external logic.) At the same time, she explicitly conflates secular humanism with the works of Satan.

Speaking as a secular humanist, I'm here to tell you I have nothing to do with Satan one way or the other. Just like Jesus, he's a Christian construct, and is no more or less relevant to me than Vishnu or Thor or the Great God Goobalooba. The dualism inherent in Christian thought is an internal problem for the Christian worldview. It doesn't apply to me.

(I am curious to know if she's read the book herself, though.)

Confidential to Xtianity: I'd like an opt-out on the whole tool of Satan thing. Kthxbye.
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