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[links] Link salad on Saturday, mostly history edition

Sleep replacement chemical developed — Um, bad, I think.

The Seeing Tongue — Am I the only one who reads this article and thinks of some amazing sexual applications?

Lithium battery transport rules — To me this is a good example of a regulation which borders on incomprehensible and is probably unenforcable. Most people don't have any idea what sort of batteries they have in their computers, cameras and cell phones, and I find it difficult to believe that airport screeners, who are notoriously overworked and undersupported, will be able to deal with this in an effective and timely manner.

666 Phone Prefix Cast Out Of Allen Parish — I'd laugh if this wasn't so sad. Much as when US 666 was relabelled. Because, you know, Satan lives in the numbers.

Ground-Based Camera for Exoplanet Imaging — A little bit of observatory neepery.

Square America — Found photos from the earlier years of the 20th century. Very cool.

Analysis of immigration as a political issue — Circa 1912, that is. Pretty interesting. Plus que ça change, etc.

The hectic pace of modern life — "...in a time when so much writing is done hastily to catch the average person's attention" This one's from 1922.

The first motion pictures ever shown — 1895. It's history day at this blog!
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