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[links] Link salad, New Year's Eve edition

Language and Culture

The distracting word meme — I might take a crack at this later.

The science and theology of global language change — It is to snicker.

Another Shorpy railroad photograph — I've been to Irrigon, Oregon. I know pretty much where this would have been taken.

Books and Publishing

Sky not falling on book industry

Harry Potter TNG — "...the author promises that the future of her characters, their relationships and children will remain locked in her imagination, ruling out any sequels." Uh huh.

Science and Technology

Great minds don't think alike — The role of outside perspective in expert fields.

Ion mask waterproofing — Further proof that we are living in the future. In case you needed it.


An airline pilot discusses air travel security — My favorite comment, concerning the 3 oz liquid limit: "...it's rather awkward to do chemistry in an airplane toilet."

Five Untouchable Symptoms — Progressive causes the Democrats are ignoring. (Might also be interesting reading if you're a conservative.)

New York Times on what America has become — More to the point, on what conservative leadership and the politics of fear have made us into.

Huckabee: "I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ." — That's funny. What year was Jesus on the ticket? Wasn't He Reagan's running mate?

Confidential to GOP in America: Repeat after me. Sep-a-ra-tion of Church and State. The fact that you don't get to force me to pray the way you want is also what guarantees that you get to pray the way you want.
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