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[links] Link salad, sorta publishing edition

I am quoted at Media Bistro — Coverage of the fake publicist kerfuffle.

gregvaneekhout tips us to this top 5 list from Filipino blogger Charles Tan — Including two picks from Logorrhea Powell's | Amazon ], by me and bram452, as well as stories by gregvaneekhout his own self, deliasherman and benrosenbaum.

Skating under cars — Um, wow. Superpowers emerging? (Thanks to danjite.)

It's the new, new math — Course descriptions that include some gems as: "Students will examine the nature of God as they progress in their understanding of mathematics. Students will understand the absolute consistency of mathematical principles and know that God was the inventor of that consistency." Wow. Just wow. I think I saw God in the consistency of my fajita last night, too. (Thanks to goulo.)

Chasing Ray looks forward to Escapement Amazon ]

Science Fiction Awards Watch on the Best Fan Writer Hugo category

Assessing Active SETI's Risk — The San Marino scale, and the possibility of bad outcomes in talking to the stars. (They don't use the term "alien invasion" in the article, but that's what I think they're getting at.)

Taller Women by the Year 2000 — An article from 1949.
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