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[links] Link salad for a Saturday

Fantasy Book Critic asked some of us writers to comment on this year's books, and next, in the field — Yours truly is quoted. Note the lead illustration, also. ETA: The post seems to have disappeared. I'll update when there's something new happening there.

safewrite with improved bunny-melting madness

Tholins in orbit around another star — Organic precursor chemicals may be present in protoplanetary discs.

Origami satellites

Who needs aliens from outer space when we have caecilians among us? — Some very weird biology and morphology right here on earth, for those of you who might be considering alien races and biospheres. Bonus vocabulary word: "aposematic".

A history of the political primary as we understand it today — More interesting stuff from The Edge of the American West.

Glenn Greenwald on the Right on Obama — Money shot:
Hatred is [the Right's] fuel. Just look at the bottomless personal animus they managed to generate over an anemic, mundane, inoffensive figure like John Kerry. At their Convention, they waved signs with band-aids mocking his purple hearts while cheering on two combat-avoiders.

15th Dallas County Inmate Since ’01 Is Freed by DNA — Hey, conservative America — explain to me again why the death penalty is a good idea.
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