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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2008-01-05 21:38
Subject: [writing] Progriss riport
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Location:Fireside Coffee Lodge
Mood:very tired
Music:coffee house music
Tags:green, process, wip, writing
10,300 words on Green, to 145,600. That makes 61,700 words this week, Sunday to Saturday. I think that's my strongest writing week ever, in terms of raw first draft production.

I've been asked (not on LJ) how this kind of speed run aligns with the New Model Process. It's a fair question. I am writing a bit slower than I used to, in terms of raw throughput. But the New Model Process is more about how I address the text. Right now I'm harvesting a damned big piece of timber. When I go to mill it into a finished manuscript will be where the real New Model work is.

Temples and priories and more anonymous buildings stood on each flank of the road. I realized this quarter was the size of a small city in its own right. We'd walked past it on all four sides, without ever quite coming this close to it before. Blocks and blocks on a side, though I had not worked out the precise distances. From here, it seemed to have an endless depth.

"The Street of Horizons," the Dancing Mistress said. "So called, I'm told, because it runs forever."

"Or at least eleven blocks," I said, working the city-math out as we spoke.

"Yes, but can you see where it exits the quarter?"

Which really was the point, of course. "Some old glamer?"

"That, or a very clever bit of architecture."

I thought that over. "If we walk this road, running almost due east, in eleven blocks we should exit the quarter once more."

"Of course. The architecture is not that clever."
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