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[travel|links] Off into the corn-fed yonder

Off to Omaha this morning. Then Rustycon 25. I won't be back at Nuevo Rancho Lake until Sunday night. Expect continued light blogging with intermittent wit and erudition, especially as I'll be scavenging time to keep up production on Green.

In case you missed them, here's some weekend reacharound material from this blog:

"Green" the short story

A short disquistion on short story writing vs novel writing

What word processor to use? (with survey)

The caption contest voting poll

Some comments from me on the outcome of the Iowa caucuses

Some comments from me on Barack Obama

A rational and informative interchange about the death penalty in comments

And here's a few links to amuse you, in lieu of a full serving of salad:

Hypothetical planets — Places in space that never were.

Britons 'richer than Americans' — "The average UK person will this year have a greater income than their US counterpart for the first time since the 19th Century, figures suggest." Ah, the socialist hell that is the new Europe.
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