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[writing] Green WIP

"Stand me a purse for my fare home," I said. "Give it to that man Nast outside. He would provide a receipt for his own grandmother, I am sure of it, and know years later which hook he hung her on. Make that good, and give me your word that we've a sealed bargain. Then I will go looking for this wild goose of yours."

"Aye," ran around the room like a ripple.

"So recorded." Kohlmann scribbled in a tally book. "Five for and one not present, we carry the proposal."

"That was it?" I asked. It could take the Courts of Kalimpura half a season to agree on whether the sun rose at dusk or dawn.

"You'll note there are no attorneys on this Interim Council," Jeschonek said dryly.

Mohanda's grin was positively feral. "Accidents will happen."
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