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[links] Link salad from the fields of winter

Troy CLE (the author at the center of the "fake publicist" story) responds to our thread about him on this blog — And you know what? I have got to give the guy mad props for standing up.

SF SIgnal does brain meld — "What is Science Fiction?" They had the New Guard redefine in the Old Guard. In which I am quoted.

Europa Polyglotta — Infoporn from the 1730s.

Mommy, where do servers come from? — This can't possibly be real, but wow is it funny.

"The Fallacy of Gray"goulo forwards this interesting essay on ambiguity and judgment.

Bush's effect on the New Hampshire primaries — Had a long talk with a Republican friend here in Nebraska yesterday, who is really disgusted with Bush, and supports McCain, largely on foreign policy (and specifically Iraq War) grounds. Which I find odd, because I perceive McCain as having aligned himself with Bush in this area.

US healthcare system at the bottom of a survey of performance in managing preventable deaths — Yep. The free market definitely takes care of you. If you happen to be an investment dollar. If you happen to be an uninsured person, well, look, over there! 9-11 changed everything!
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