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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery

In the Omaha airport. I am drastically short on sleep, even more so than usual for a flying-home-from-Omaha Friday. Plus I'm not flying home, I'm flying to Seattle for Rustycon 25. lasirenadolce will meet me at the airport, then I will see frankwu, kenscholes and a cast of hundreds. I will probably be sleeping on my feet at that point, unless I get some serious nap in on the plane. Which in turn means less word count on Green.

On the other hand, it's going to be pretty hard to top this week for being made of sheer win. There's the Tor deal for Green, me being promoted at the day job, and Mainspring Powell's | Amazon | Audible ] hitting the Nebula long ballot, all in the same freaking week.

I've mentioned before that the External Validation Fairy sometimes shows up with a 2x4. This week, I think he turned out with a cattle prod and felonious intent. Hey, universe? I hear you. And thanks.

In other news, I'm looking ahead. I plan to be done with Green's initial draft within the next week or ten days. Exactly when depends on whether or not I can get any binge writing in. Then it will go in the drawer for a couple of months while the New Model Process steeps in my backbrain. I'll probably pop it out to a couple of alpha readers in the mean time, just for a baseline reality check.

After that I need to take a bit of time off (measured in days, not weeks) to blow out the cobwebs in my brain, then do revisions on "America Such as She Is", which is overdue to the editor. A few other short story tasks as well. Then a bit more time off (also measured in days, not weeks), before I tackle editorial change requests on Madness of Flowers. All that should take me somewhere into the month of March. Then I shall determine what to do next.

For now, back to work. Or sleep. Or both. See some, all or none of you on the other side.

(And a hat tip to ellameena for reminding me of one of my favorite subject lines.)
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