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[writing] Looking back over my career

For various reasons, today I pulled together an overview of all my single-author book credits. When I finished, I had to sit down and say, "wow."

Stretching from 2003 to 2011, I've had 14 titles published or under contract in 23 editions. In addition to novels and collections, this counts book club, audio and foreign editions separately, as well as chapbooks.

I've also edited or co-edited 11 anthologies, each in a single edition. Several of them are forthcoming.

Still sitting down here.

Greetings From Lake Wucollection2003Wheatland PressPOD

Green Grow the Rushes-Ohchapbook2004Fairwood PressCHAP

Dogs in the Moonlightcollection2004Prime BooksPOD

American Sorrowscollection2004Wheatland PressPOD

Rocket Sciencenovel2005Fairwood PressPOD

Loving Juliuschapbook2005Traife Buffet PressCHAP

Trial of Flowersnovel2006Night Shade BooksTPB

Greetings From Lake Wulimited w/color plates2006Traife Buffet PressLHB

Trial of Flowersnovel (Czech)2008Laser BooksFOR

Mainspringnovel2007Tor BooksTHB

Mainspringnovel (Czech)2008Laser BooksFOR

The River Knows Its Owncollection2007Wheatland PressPOD


Mainspringnovel2007Macmillan AudioAUDIO

Mainspringnovel2008Tor BooksMMPB

Escapementnovel2008Tor BooksTHB

Madness of Flowersnovel2008Night Shade BooksTPB

Death of a Starshipnovel2008Monkey Brain BooksTPB

Escapementnovel2009Tor BooksMMPB

Greennovel2009Tor BooksTHB

Greennovel2010Tor BooksMMPB

TBA-1novel2010Tor BooksTHB

TBA-1novel2011Tor BooksMMPB

Editing projects in print are: Polyphony volumes 1-6 (with Deborah Layne), All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories (with David Moles), and TEL : Stories, all from Wheatland Press.

Editing projects forthcoming are: 44 Clowns (with Mike Brotherton) from Scorpius Digital, Other Earths (with Nick Gevers) from DAW, and Spicy Slipstream Stories with Nick Mamatas from Lethe Press.
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