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[links] Link salad hump day edition

ecbatan comments on the Nebula longlist

robin_d_laws on the difference between rpg plots and fiction plots — (Thanks to biomekanic.)

The Nature of Reasons: Two Philosophers Feud Over a Book Review — Ah, grown ups.

ktempest on the perceived need for dues paying — She's talking about recent stories (cited on this blog among other places) about people who succeed in publishing through nonstandard approaches, and the judgmentalism this seems to bring out in some writers.

Farrago's Wainscot is having a modest fund drive — I modestly propose you go support them, should you be so moved.

Ancient Tsunami Behind Huge Yellowstone Explosion — Wow. Also, can a wave be considered a tsunami if it occurs on a landlocked body of fresh water?

Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs? — In which science goes off the Deep End.

Huckabee calls for amending the Constitution to meet God's laws — Mmm. How about that separation of Church and State? Or for you strict Constitutionalists, that freedom of religion other than Huckabee's? Republicans don't need no stinkin' First Amendment! (Thanks to biomekanic.)
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