Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link salad for a Thursday

Fantasy is running online fiction from their upcoming recent anthology — Right now the_flea_king's story "The Yeti Behind You" is being featured.

The Day the Internet Stood Still — (Thanks to my Dad.)

The Future of Coitus — Oh good. I was worried that it might be going out of style. (Thanks to GS.)

3D design for the masses

Bearded Men of the 21st Century — A 1939 item from Paleofuture. The guy looks like Jesus as a Jetsons character.

Earthquakes may hold clues for treatment of epilepsy — As above, so below, as Herpes Tricyclist said.

Why people believe weird things about money — Evolution and finance. Who knew?

Remember those Iranian speedboats?Gulf of Tonkin incident all over again. Hey, it worked before!

Republicans ponder deadlocked convention — Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

GOP funk slows turnout, money — Having lived through more than two decades of GOP triumphalism, I have to say, gee, too bad.
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