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[links] Link salad wraps up the work week

kadath asks whether the Internet could be considered another sense — I respond in comments with some blather about cognitive extension.

Mike Brotherton on Clarion West — In which he reminds of something I said to him fourteen years ago, back when we were both protowriters. (A/k/a prof_brotherton.)

Nine bookstores worth a tourist stop

Ant parasite turns host into ripe red berry — This explains a lot about vodka.

A biiiig Lego starship

Nude models on strike — (Thanks to danjite.)

Zimbabwe bank issues $10 million bill - but it won't even buy you a hamburger in Harare — (Thanks to danjite.)

Federal Bureau Still Waiting for Internet — The BIA hasn't had the Internet for years. There's a metaphor hidden in here somewhere, I'm just sure of it. (Thanks to danjite.)

Churches come tumbling downThe collapse of organized religion in Canada. I guess hate isn't a family value in the Great White North. Good for them. ETA: Apparently my snark meter was miscalibrated today. Given that I place a high value on civility, while I won't apologize for my opinions, I do apologize for my expression of them.

McCain hit by Hammer on the Hill — DeLay on McCain: "McCain has no principles." Further confirmation of irony's death and dismemberment at conservative hands. I'd go to the funeral, but I'm laughing too hard to find my black suit.

More on Huckabee and Christianizing the Constitution — Maybe the recent ruckus wasn't just an out of context quote, as some of my conservative friends have suggested. Huckabee seems to have a documented history of strong affiliation with Christian dominionism. (If you know what dominionism is, then you understand why I'm so strongly against mixing religion and politics.)
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