Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[politics] McCain and the real conservatives

You know, I have a lot of issues with McCain, stretching back to his Keating 5 days all the way forward to his support for the Iraq War and his equivocation on torture (ETA: I seem to have overstated this case.), but at the same time anybody who pisses off Limbaugh and DeLay can't be a total loss. I realize that the enemy of my enemy1 is not necessarily my friend, but this still could be promising.

1. Defining "enemy" in this second case as "those who have systematically looted the economy; shattered America's international reputation and power; ravaged civil liberties, individual rights, and the centuries-old system of checks and balance; all while melting down any semblance of fiscal responsibility." Or to put it somewhat more succinctly, Republicans.
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