Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link salad for a Tuesday

Today's APOD is a deeply awesome weather photo — Mmm. Loves me some sky, I does, I does.

Dead Ox ExpressShorpy with a classic photo of Malheur County, Oregon. (And if you speak any French, you'll understand why that name always cracks me up — it's certain a comment on frontier living.)

Ars Technica on the "Google generation"

2007 Was Tied As Earth's Second Warmest Year — More liberal propaganda from scientists and their "theories".

michaeljasper informs us that this is Wannoshay Day. — I know him in part because I reviewed his Writers of the Future story about the Wannosahy, and was deeply impressed. Now his novel is out.

And spotted on Daily Kos, this gem: "If you write while drunk, you must ebit while soder."
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