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[links] Link salad, half awake edition

100 Books Every Child Should Read — UK edition. (Thanks to the_flea_king.)

Literacy slipping in China

Whatta Fiasco compares Carol Emshwiller to, erm, me — Or Rocket Science Powell's | Amazon ] at any rate.

Arcologists' Dreams — Future mega-cities. (Thanks to the_flea_king.)

Aussie beach foam — Eew.

Kite to pull ship across Atlantic

Growth Hormone: Fountain of Youth or Early Killer? — The story is pretty interesting, but the copy-editing on the subhead of the lede is just bizarre.

How we decide what to forget — "This is the story of how we begin to remember."

U.S. Alters Its Approach to Disasters — The Bush Administration finally responds to Hurricane Katrina.

Study: False statements preceded war — "The study counted 935 false statements in the two-year period." But the majority of Fox News viewers know that Iraq had WMDs! Fox reported, they decided. More liberal lies, courtesy of that pesky, biased reality.
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